Anna, Dance Film
About This Project

The short dance film „Desire“ is a movement based notation of a feeling of being lost in the everyday consumptionist bustle. In an experimental play with form between scripted fiction and screendance, through the confusion of characters, a robbery, a chase, a fight, attempts to communicate, it expresses the need to reach the object of desire symbolically enclosed in a mysterious suitcase.

Direction: Anna Bajjou
Script: Anna Bajjou, Malgorzata Szymula,
Director of Photography: Anna Bajjou
Editing: Anna Bajjou
Starring: Anna Bajjou, Paula Reinha, Anna Stasyk, Malgorzata Szymula, and Jan Schneidewind
Music: Skander

Premiered at:

– Group exhibition “Kobiecość. Wystawa fotografii/wideo.” Nov 2011, Galeria Lamelli, Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury, Kraków

Official selection:

– 10th Naoussa International Film Festival [Digital Shorts] 2013, Naoussa, Macedonia region, Northern Greece

© Anna Bajjou 2011