TUNEDpictures was created by a couple of entusiasts with passion for moving image. Anna with her visual and movement based background and Hicham with his musical and documentary making skills complement each other in their filmmaking adventure. They work on individual projects while supporting each other and collaborating on common ones. We do documentaries, dance films, music videos, video art, promotional and corporate videos. Write to us about your project.

Anna Bajjou

Architect and video artist specialized in dance film, born in Poland.

She chose to study choreography for the camera at the Place London Contemporary Dance School, because filmmaking for her is a way of combining the background in space design, painting, photography and the interest in human performance.

As a dancer she collaborated with Janina Rajakangas and co-founded a contemporary dance company HOPLAAA, with which she created various projects from short video work to multimedia performances. While living in Morocco she took part in audiovisual projects by artists collective grouped at the Old Slaughterhouses of Casablanca and Ali Essafi’s Cinemaat Prod.

Her films, especially “Bumelant” and “Soloists” were shown in various important video dance and video art festivals internationally. With support of MKiDN Scholarship she is now preparing a new series of experimental video dance projects with their online gallery.

She loves nature, yoga and silence.

Hicham Bajjou

Musician and video maker with passion for documentaries.

Project initiator of Bob Maghrib, Hicham Bajjou is one of the most original, treasured musical voices of the current moroccan music scene. He is also a lead singer in the Afronauts – polish afrobeat band.  He sings and plays different traditional moroccan instruments.

As a professional editor he worked on many documentaries, including films for for Al Jazeera TV like “40 years of loneliness” about Moroccan soldiers in Vietnam and “Casablanca in red” film about taxi drivers in Casablanca his home city.

His passion for music lead him to music video and music documentary making. At present he is editing a feature-length documentary about musical revolution in Morocco, which has started over ten years ago. He made music videos for hiphop artists and a short documentary artist portraits. He worked on many promotional videos about his country, tourism and nature.

He is interested in history, art and social life.